Digital Public Relations

Our digital PR courses teach you to manage, plan, monitor, measure and evaluate digital and social media activities and engagement with stakeholders and online communities, considering legal and ethical implications.

Student will be able to develop digital PR strategies that help organisations to enhance and protect their reputation and achieve their strategic objectives.

After completing this course, you would have got to grips with emerging technologies, digital strategies and social media platforms. Understand the disruptive and transformative impact of digital technologies on society, business, organisations and individuals.

What student will achieve in this course


Course Contents

PR & the digital revolution

  • How do we define PR in today’s digital world?
  • Understanding why PR is such a powerful tool in the marketing mix
  • How the digital revolution has changed the landscape for PR
  • How to make the ‘connected consumer’ a friend
  • Why traditional media should not be ignored

Embracing social media to drive your PR activity

  • Who are the existing/new influencers and how do we engage with them?
  • Using social channels to build PR relationships
  • Understanding the preferred social platforms for your audience
  • The importance of listening to customers
  • Why brand advocates are critical to success

The importance of creating strong content

  • How to write content that will engage your target audience
  • How to choose the right theme
  • How to optimise content with the right keywords
  • Understanding the power of external link building
  • How PR can drive SEO

Writing a news story that gets noticed in today’s climate

  • Is a press release the only way?
  • Writing a powerful headline
  • How to structure copy
  • The ‘fool’ proof copywriting test to take away
  • 10 copywriting tricks to add clout

Delivering a digital PR campaign for maximum impact in changing digital times

  • The impact of Covid-19
  • Is creativity still as important?
  • How to optimise, socialise and publicise PR Content
  • Should experiential marketing play a part?
  • How to integrate PR and digital marketing
  • How to measure the success of digital PR
  • Ongoing measurement and evaluation?
  • PR planning/content mapping?


Course Duration: Three months. 100% attendance is required to pass this course.

Method of delivery: Blended learning with emphasis on live digital project

Course fee: N40,000

Course start date: on a rolling basis, please apply online and we will get back to you on the nearest course start date.

Certification: Successfully student will be awarded Professional Certificate from the British Transatlantic Polytechnic. After successful completion of this programme, existing PR practitioners /academic can be supported to gain the CIPR, London membership.

Course Details