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The British Transatlantic Polytechnic Akure has launched global skills programme. The aim of the programme is to retrain Nigerian graduates and other upcoming professionals in higher technical skills required to make them competitive for job.

In a statement by the Polytechnic Registrar, Julius Ayodele, ‘this is a wonderful opportunity to engage with the young people, to support them in filling the skills gap and give people the tools they need to build a better future.  We see this as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to tackle the higher technical skills shortage not only in the region but nationally, and is essential in supporting a much-needed growth in productivity particularly in the IT, engineering and digital industries.

The British Transatlantic Polytechnic will continue his mandate to increase education and employment opportunities across business, engineering and digital industries. A key priority of the initiative is to support individuals from under-represented groups to foster valuable connections and access sustainable, well-paid careers.

The Polytechnic is very confident in developing the skills needed to support local and national growth and long-term prosperity across the Nigeria

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