Scholarship Opportunities

We want every student to flourish as a member of our global community, irrespective of their financial circumstances

British Transatlantic Polytechnic offers financial assistance and exceptional range of opportunities for students with financial difficulties.

Global Talent Scholarships

Our Global Talent Scholarships awards 100% tuition fee waiver for exceptionally brilliant students who cannot further their education to tertiary levels.

This scholarship is particularly for students with excellent academic portfolio, and with the potential to make an impact in their community and the global community as global leader.

Global Community Scholarships (Non-means tested)

Our Global Community Scholarships is designed for students who have the intellectual curiosity and potential to compete and succeed but cannot do so due to financial circumstances. Our Global Community Scholarship awards up to 50% of tuition fees waiver for students entering National Diploma. This is a non-means-tested award.

We are particularly interested in awarding this scholarship to students with good academic prospect in their chosen career including in the sports, arts, or extracurricular activities.

Means-tested Financial Assistance

BTC offer means-tested partial scholarship to all other students irrespective of their course of study. BTC will offer this means- tested scholarship to qualifying students who meets our selection criteria. Depending on applicant’s financial circumstances, this means-tested scholarship could represent a high proportion of overall tuition fees.

Applicants are required to submit supporting evidence of their income, capital, and other assets. Means testing is carried out annually and levels of support will fluctuate with parental income.

How to apply for scholarship and financial assistance

 To apply for any of the scholarship and financial assistance programme, please contact our admissions office on