Digital Content Creation

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This course empowers you to be able create professional content for online and social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch and Podcasts. The course will cover the planning and production of digital images, video, audio.

This course will teach you how to compile content that communicates your values, inspires people to take action and builds your brand image. If you work in a marketing role, you will benefit from this introduction to a modern form of digital marketing and how it can drive sales

If you are self-employed, this course will teach you how to promote yourself and your business online in an efficient, cost-effective manner. 

If you run a blog or other website as a hobby, this course will help you generate more traffic and meet others who share your interests.

If you have an interest in consumer psychology, this course will provide you with an insight into how contemporary consumers interact with companies and brands online


Course Contents

  • What is Content Creation?
  • How to Generate Ideas for Your Content
  • How to Create High-Impact Content
  • Measuring the Success of Your Content
  • Digital Media Images
  • Digital Media Audio (Podcasts)
  • Moving Images (Video)
  • Content marketing as part of branding and marketing strategy,
  • podcasting & blogging,
  • developing content for businesses & influencers, evaluating success
  • digital storytelling,and reimagining the future of content



Course Duration: Three months. 100% attendance is required to pass this course.

Method of delivery: Due to the nature of the course content, most of the assessments are project based and involve planning, preparation, production and evaluation to learn from what worked/didn’t work and be able to implement that in future projects. There will be some written work involved in the planning stages and some closed book or extended responses required for some outcomes.

Course fee: N30,000

Course start date: on a rolling basis, please apply online and we will get back to you on the nearest course start date.


Certification: Successfully student will be awarded Professional Certificate from the British Transatlantic Polytechnic.

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